Magic. Mystery. Mayhem.

Dive into the pages of this alluring anthology and enter a world of mystery and adventure. Stalk the streets of sprawling metropolis' and hunt terrifying creatures. Explore towering cities where the supernatural is everyday and magic is as common as coffee.

Only a True Alpha can gather her pack.

Shipped off to boarding school deep in the Canadian Rockies and challenged by every would-be rival, Alice always felt the pull of the moon… she just didn’t know why.

Moon Shadow  is book one of the Mt. Henley Trilogy

The Mount Henley Trilogy

Kindle & paperback

Kat Zaccard



War is coming to the Great Pack. 

Time is running out, and the Great Pack needs all the allies it can gather. Alice is determined to save her friends, but will it be enough?

Dark Moon is the thrilling conclusion to the Mount Henley Trilogy.

A threat is rising on the horizon like the blood moon.

Alice must quickly determine who is friend or foe for danger looms outside Mount Henley as well as within.

Moon Rising is book two of the Mount Henley Trilogy.